Communication vital for success in school


COMMUNICATION skills are most vital for interactions with students.
Lecturers are responsible for comprehending and breaking down complex information and conveying it clearly to students.
It is important to listen to students’ grievances.
Lecturers in universities and colleges in the country should be effective in communicating with students.
Regionalism and nepotism are evil notions that destroy our country.
Students in universities are from different cultures but are united through education.
Some students find it difficult to communicate with their lecturers because lecturers appear to be ignorant.
This has contributed to low performance in student grades.
This should stop.
An effective communication system between lecturers and students is vital for success.
Lectures should not be ignorant, but talk to the students politely.
Respond to them even if you are busy.

Kowul Kong-un Woo Pipya