Communities appeal for new house

The National,Wednesday June 29th, 2016

The surrounding communities and staff of Togoba Primary School in Western Highlands are appealing to authorities to immediately build a new house for the headmaster.
Community leader Jacob Pera told The National on Monday that they did not want Rex Ainu to leave the school after fire caused by electrical fault destroyed his house last Friday.
“We are shocked that this was not caused by anyone. It’s a technical fault that caught us by surprise.
“Mr Ainu is a very productive man who transformed this school from level four to level six within five years and could be elevated to level seven next year. We do not want other schools to get him,” Pera told The National.
He said they have asked Ainu and his family to remain in the school while they appealed for immediate help from the mission (Seventh Day Adventist church) and the provincial education authority to have the house replaced.
Ainu said the family lost properties valued at more than K20,000 and were accommodated temporarily by families in the surrounding community.
Ainu’s wife Elsie said the fire started from the main switch in the bedroom after 4pm when she was peeling sweet potatoes (kaukau) at the verandah with her grandson.
“I was alerted by my two-year-old granddaughter calling for help from the bedroom.”