Communities deprived of water


DENYING the people for basic needs such as water will cause an uprising against the state.
People in Vabukori, Taikone, Kila Barracks, Sevese Morea School and Morata have been denied access to clean running water for drinking and washing for weeks.
Other suburbs in the city may be facing water crisis too.
Water is an essential need and every citizen in a city such as Port Moresby deserves that service from the government.
In a critical time such as this when the country is facing a pandemic, the government is doing everything possible to prevent the spread of the deadly coronavirus.
While the government is emphasising the importance of regular hand washing daily, Eda Ranu is doing the opposite thus contradicting government’s lawful instructions in providing service to the people.
Where was Eda Ranu when Prime Minister James Marape and his delegation were talking on behalf of the working population with financial institutions and super funds to ease some of their policies on loan repayments with the banks or advance borrowing from the member’s retirement fund?
During the crisis period Eda Ranu, a state owned entity should read and understand the actions of the PM and conform to the standards set by him.
While all state owned enterprises and government departments adhered to instructions issued by the state of emergency (SOE) controller and the PM to save lives, Eda Ranu felt money was more important than life.
The PM and SOE controller should reprimand the executive management of Eda Ranu for doing what the PM cannot do – denying ordinary people the right to access clean drinking water.
What happened in Tripoli few weeks ago?
An uprising against the government for denying the people the right to essential services.
Over to you PM.

Ranu Lasi,

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