Community centre to change lives of youths and mothers

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The National, Tuesday 08th November 2011

SELF-reliance best describes the construction of a traditionally completed community learning development centre built in the remote Seguar village, Transgogol LLG area, of Madang district.
The bamboo-thatched building will house a training centre for the locals.
Wards 4 and 6 women’s representative Gesna Makalu said the completion of the semi-permanent structure was a collective effort of the women and youths in the Kein 2 area.
Makalu said the centre would serve mothers, youths and the community.
She said the centre would provide opportunities for mothers to earn an income for their families.
Makalu said most mothers lacked a formal education background and this was a dream come true for them.
“For the past 20 years we have lived like this. Transport is one of the biggest problems that we face,” she said.
Makalu said the normal passenger fare was K5 and K2 for excess cargo.
She said the main food supplier for Madang town was from the Transgogol area and the centre could provide other avenues apart from growing food crops to earn a living.
Youth representative Gima Malaib said young people could now benefit.
He said most lacked an understanding of how to prepare a brighter future for themselves.
“Most of the time they drink alcohol and smoke marijuana. I was one of them but the initiative to build this centre has given a new direction to me,” Malaib said.
“I want my children to have a better life.”