Community chooses peace over lawlessness


A COMMUNITY in Porgera, Enga, known for its illegal activities in the sale and distribution of alcohol, marijuana and tribal fighting, has publicly denounced lawlessness for a more peaceful future.
Yokoloma is a community just outside the special mining lease (SML) of the Porgera Gold Mine.
On Feb 26, one of the biggest clans in the SML area, Mamai clan, made up of people from Yokolama, Alipis and Panadaka took ownership to denounce publicly the sale and consumption of alcohol, marijuana and illegal drugs, and engaging in unacceptable social activities such as tribal warfare or violence, carrying around offensive weapons in public, stealing and illegal mining.
The undertaking by the Mamai clan was witnessed by Porgera police, the Porgera Law and Order Committee and stakeholders that included the Porgera Joint Venture (PJV), business community representatives, Porgera District Women’s Association, youth groups, local leaders and members of the public.
PJV was represented by the corporate social responsibility department through senior manager Timothy Andambo, manager John Liston, community relations and engagement manager Meck Minnala and other senior staff of the department.
A member of the Mamai clan himself, Andambo said the clan had set the pace for other clans.

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