Community determines water value, says Amini

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PNG Waterboard managing director Patrick Amini says community tolerance is playing a big role in determining water quality standards.
“Unlike in the past when people accepted water supply that did not conform to required standards, they are now discerning consumers.
“They complain of turbidity, colour and odour on the basis that something must be wrong with the water. Consumers are more wary of safe drinking water,” he said at a World Water Day celebration in Port Moresby Grammar School yesterday.
However, Mr Amini said there was a lack of appreciation of the significant improvements made by the water supplier.
“We, sometimes, fail to inform the public of the good work and sometime use occasions such as this or opening of new facilities by politicians.
“It is, therefore, important to develop a closer and more effective mechanism for two-way communications between the service provider and consumers.
“We must accept as a norm that community attitudes have been influenced by the demand for quality water supply.
 “Since water constitutes one of the major pathways between humans and their environment, exposure to water-related hazards is always potentially a serious health threat.
“Unlike bacterial infections that are subject to medical treatment, the adverse effects of viruses and chemical agents needed to be controlled by preventing exposure,” he added.