Community development


COMMUNITY development is important to rural socio-economic development in PNG.
Almost all rural socio-economic activities occur at the community level. Community development encourages voluntaries and self-development, which contributes to adoption of more modern ideas, morals and values.
Community development stimulates changes that favour decreased childbearing and a high quality of child-rearing.
The development model for communities varied over time from an emphasis on family planning to focus on women’s development, poverty alleviation or economic development.
Well-developed communities focus on social security systems, service networks or environment protection.
Community development is tied to economic development.
The growth of collectives played an important role in community development.
Women’s active and extensive participation and leadership by other influential persons were important forces in community development.
Women serve as agents of change.
Mass participation is now a key feature of community development.
Community development directly supports increased income for families, which decreases the emphasis on children as a source of income. The economic value of children is reduced when communities provide social security.
The greater value placed on males is reduced when women’s income is increased.
Community development lowers the social value of children by improving people’s quality of life and by creating a modern social environment.

Macmillan Sinton Pala
DCA Aviat community rep

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