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REFER to a news article published on July 8 (Page 16) of The National by Morobe environmental health officer Zambuna Gina.
For community health posts (CHPs) to function and deliver its health services effectively and efficiently, they need basic and vital infrastructures, particularly in the rural areas of Papua New Guinea.
But this was not the case for a proposed construction of a new CHP building at most remotest and isolated village of Umba in Menyamya.
The reason was because of a deteriorating road conditions. Instead, the proposed CHP building was diverted to Mumeng in Bulolo.
I think this was a slap on the face for the sick patients of who would have been benefited from this very vital service.
This health facility that supposed to be constructed in Umba and further saves a mother in labouring, a child or an adult from dying and from curable diseases have been diverted, only because of deteriorating road.
The reason for the diversion of the facility is questionable given that road now is accessible than five years ago.
I call on the Menyamya/Aseki health authority and district administration including the Member of Parliament Thomas Pelika to thoroughly investigate further as to why and how this proposed construction of CHP in Umba in Menyamya was diverted to be built in Mumeng in Bulolo.

Vinson Dopenuoc Silas
Integrated Wapi

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