Community leader shot dead

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A COMMUNITY leader from Gouri village in the Salt Nomane district, Simbu province, was shot at point blank when he stopped seven youths blocking the road.
Assistant police commissioner and Highlands divisional commander Simon Kauba described the killing as a cold blooded murder.
ACP Kauba said from a brief report received from Kundiawa police yesterday, the community leader saw the youths from his area blocking the road on Dec 15 and were collecting money from the drivers and travelling public.
He approached them and told them to go home and he removed the roadblock.
The leader of the youths suddenly turned around, picked up a home-made gun hidden in small bush beside the road and shot the leader.
The youths fled the scene.
ACP Kauba said the situation was very tense and it was very likely to result in a fight among the tribesmen.
He appealed to the seven suspects to surrender to police.
In a separate incident, an elderly man from Dirima No. 2 village in the Salt Nomane district was axed to death by eight youths on Dec 10, who accused him of practising sorcery.