Community leader wants police to enforce the law


A COMMUNITY leader in Western Highlands is calling on police to see that law breakers face the full force of the law.
The chief of the Jika tribe, Nelson Kerua, from Mt Hagen, said that so far many investigations have been carried out by police but the results have not beben made known to the people.
Kerua was speaking at Kimininga police barracks last week. He said that the reason why many perpetrators of crime were still walking around freely was because of incomplete police investigations.
“Those who break the law must be punished so that this will become an eye opener for others in future,” he said.
He said that many issues had been investigated, like the burning down of the Kapal house and the Hagen district treasury office. He said that these were examples of where arrests were expected to be done and investigations done properly to punish the perpetrators.
Kerua said that some cases may involve prominent figures in the province but the law has to stand independent and be applied equally to everyone.
“We need to know the outcome of the investigation, this is where it will tell the people that the law is there,” he said.
Meanwhile, police commander Jacob Kamiak has promised that incomplete investigations will become a thing of the past under his command.
Kamiak said that Kerua was not wrong to pinpoint the issue and police officers should do their job diligently.

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