Community leader wants stability

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The National,Friday 09th December 2011

THE opposition should allow the government to govern for the rest of parliament’s term for the sake of stability, a community leader in Lae says.
Michael Brigama, from 4-Mile, said yesterday that in the short time the government had been in office, it had proved that “it is for the people”.
He said the setting up of the Task Force Sweep to arrest and prosecute people embezzling state money, provision of free education and moves to bring development to grassroots people were things that had been lacking in the past 36 years.
Brigama questioned how the country could be so poor as rural people continued to struggle daily when mines such as Bougainville, Misima had come and gone while others were still going strong.
He said the East Sepik provincial government should withdraw its application to the Supreme Court for a ruling on the validity of the government as it was too
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