Community learning centres to boost education in Gulf

The National,Monday July 4th, 2016

THE literacy level in Gulf is one of the lowest in the country – at only four per cent, according to a report.
It is why community learning centres are being set up by rural communities in Gulf’s Malalaua district to boost education and improve the literacy level in Gulf.
According to a report on the national statistics on education and literacy in PNG, the current literacy rate of Gulf is one of the worst in the country .
The centres are the initiative of Pastor James Toaripi from Gulf, who established the first one through his own efforts and resources in Malalaua district.
The interest grew and more centres are being opened in the district. They cater for early childhood education and for adults to undertake literacy and life-skills courses.
Toaripi said education was one effective way for the people to achieve a better future by educating their children to make good decisions.
To be formally registered with the Education department, schools need to be at a certain level to be registered.
So far, 31 centres have performed above expectations and 15 are now registered as formal elementary schools by the Education department.