Community members urged to maintain peace

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday December 17th, 2013


MEMBERS of the Central Kagua community in Lae, Morobe, serving in various companies and government agencies have been asked to maintain peace at all times. 

Four successful PMV operators from Central Kagua in Southern Highlands regarded as leaders made the request to their tribesmen. 

While applauding their drivers, crew and mechanics who commit time and effort to their work, tribesmen were asked to be mindful of their behavior and attitude.

Owner-operator Maita Yawi and his brothers Allan, Amon and Peter assured Kagua people in Lae that “whatever we do reflects our mentality and therefore never bring issues from back in the village to urban areas.

“We cannot change our attitudes and attributes while living among and together with other Papua New Guineans in urban areas” Amon said.

He was very thankful to Morobeans who provided and allowed them land areas to settle and supported their PMV businesses operations in Lae. 

“Although we provide PMV service, without Morobeans and others provinces that reside in Lae, we could not have become successful today,” he said.

“Therefore, whatever I eat and whatever I do, as long as being in this city to contribute to the government of the province and the national government as a tax payer, the Kagua people will never hide and shy away from Morobeans to share together whatever we benefit,”