Community policing officers failing Koki


THE Koki Market bus top in Port Moresby is an eyesore.
Our mothers, sisters and daughters get robbed there every day and they lose their belongings and valuables right in the faces of community policing officers stationed there.
Are those community policing officers doing their work or not?
Apec Minister Justin Tkatchenko did us a favour by putting officers there but they are not doing their job.
The community policing officers are relatives and family members of those who are doing the stealing, so nothing will happen when victims complain.
Everyone involved in community policing at Koki should be gotten rid of and replaced with regular police officers.
The betel nut sellers in front of the market entrance should also be removed because the overcrowding there is creating the environment that allows pickpockets to thrive.
If nothing is done, people will continue to be robbed and attacked.

Ariku-Koke Melona

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