Community urged to join fight against family abuse


THE Kundiawa Family and Sexual Violence Unit in Chimbu is trying to combat violence by involving community and service providers.
“We changed the system of addressing violence and we came up with the safety-net system,” unit officer Doreen Ale said.
She told a workshop addressing family and sexual violence that the court had endorsed the system which the perpetrators and village leaders would sign, promising that there would be no more violence to the victims.
“Safety-net is a plan used with all the stakeholders.
“It’s another way to prevent further domestic violence cases to happen between spouses or survivors of sorcery accusation,” she said.
“It will come to that limit and it will stop. We take village court officials in, mediation officials in, police either CID or family sexual violence, family support officers in, put their names on the paper like they are the witness to the case.
“We take the perpetrators to sign their names saying that they accused that woman of sorcery and we won’t accuse that family or cause violence to that person again.”