Community urges Toni to fulfill vows

National, Normal

The National, Monday 13th May 2013


THE Busulum community, home of Lae MP and Minister for Community Development, Religion and Youth Loujaya Toni, have urged her to “get back to basics” and fulfil her election promises.

In a two-page signed petition, 11 community leaders and women also requested Toni to cancel the employment contract of Fijians Joana Masani as second secretary and Elliot Tabua as project officer from her electorate office.

Community leaders who signed the petition were Kitamon Rasowe, Lewis Taiyong, Wenti Mineva, Lawrence Ziming, Mathew Matiabe, Kay Takisieng, Francis Giwi, Yang Mindal, Michael Somu and James Mue.

“We humbly request for Masani and Tabua’s removal within next 24 hours and reinstate Brian Nakrakundi. It’s wiser to come down to your roots at Busulum to realise what we endure instead of flying too high,” spokesman James Mue said.

“We have sacrificed our time and effort to support and walk the streets of Lae city without even a bottle of cold water to ensure Toni become our first woman leader in Lae. Toni assured us that she will return to settle efforts contributed during the election period.”

He said the MP had not returned to their community to discuss their grievances and other matters.

Attempts to contact Toni were unsuccessful.