Community wants land protected


By Rebecca Kuku
A community in Tokarara, National Capital District, staged a protest yesterday after a developer went in on Tuesday night and tried to start construction work on a piece of land.
The land identified as Section 227 Lot 100 has been used by the community for the last 20 years as a sporting field and park.
Community leader Jarvie Abijah said that on Nov 2, residents living near the land were given a notice by an officer from the National Capital District Commission physical planning offices as part of the consultation process.
“The officer advised us that we had until Nov 15 to lodge objections, however, while we are still in the process of filing objections, the company came in the night and tried to start construction work on the land,” Abijah said.
“They poured gravel and sand and brought in iron posts but we stopped them and told them to pack their things up and leave.”
Abijah said the company was trying to build learning centres for a private school and although the community fully supported education, they also believed that public land belonged to the people and should not be developed for business.
“We will fight for this land because it has served as a park for the families residing here, our children have played on this field growing up and now their kids are also using this space for recreational purposes.”
The community also called on NCDC and the Lands Department to look into the case and protect the public land for them.