Community wants school heads gone

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The National, Tuesday February 11th, 2014

 WARD councillors, landowners and parents connected to Mogol Secondary School in Southern Highlands, have maintained pressure to get rid of the principal and his two deputies for what they described as lowering the standard of the school.

Jack Puri, the ward councillor of Mogol and Ondowi Sepma, councillor for Agomanda in the Upper Mendi local level government, have called on the provincial education board and Education Department to intervene and address issues at the school.

The councillors claimed that poor administration of the school had an adverse effect on learning and caused a drop in the standard.

They claimed the school had a registration of 800 last year but it fell below 400 this year.

Sepma said failure by the concerned authorities to take action would result in the close’s closure.

He said even parents wanted the school heads to be replaced.

“We didn’t want the same people continuing to run the school for the sake of our kids,” Sepma said.

Puri said they made several attempts late month to see the education advisor but he was not in his office.

“We are told that the advisor is operating out of his house and we didn’t have chance to talk with him.”