Commuters grateful with new road


THE Milfordhaven Road from Lae Main Wharf to Snack Bar is known as an economic corridor of Papua New Guinea.
It is a gateway that connects the Highlands region.
It services the entire inland population in terms of delivery of goods and services, shipping of machinery to our mining, gas and oil sites, and so on.
It plays a significant role in contributing millions of kina into the Government purse.
Contractors engaged should have considered this section of the road and sealed it at the early phase.
It hasn’t turned out to be that way.
They have sealed other city roads and exhausted all available funds.
This economic lifeline is playing second-fiddle.
It seems that contractors didn’t get their priorities right.
Road users – including cartage firms, freighters, delivery trucks and general public – conduct their daily business long this section and have spent thousands of kina on vehicle repair.
Road users are now breathing a sigh of relief as the contractor puts the finishing touches to the road.

Bill Hanam Sandu