Companies plan for bigger better clean-up


NON-governmental organisations, Help PNG and World Vision will host a major community clean-up exercise at Hanuabada village on Sept 23.
Help PNG chief executive Frank Butler said this was the second year for the clean-up. The first was done at the same time last year.
“This year, the campaign will be twice as big with the addition of new partners, Swires Shipping, Steamships Shipping and Hebou Construction,” Butler said.
“We will have twice the number of vehicles and double the number of enrolled participants.”
He said a good deal of cleaning would take place.
“The benefit is to remove several hundred tonnes of rubbish that is a fire hazard and breeding place for mosquitoes and rats. And to show people how much better it is to live in a fresh clean environment,” Butler said.
He said awareness and education would also be high on the agenda.
“Because with the proper shift in attitude and an increase in personal responsibility these types of events will become redundant. There will be no need for them and that is our ultimate goal,” he said.
“We would also like to take the event to other centres in a bid to assist people who are inundated in their own and other waste and to spread the message that these things can be managed with the help of Help, World Vision and other friends.”

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