Companies sought to run Moresby public transport

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The Road Transport Authority (RTA) is seeking management companies to operate and manage the public  transport  system in Port Moresby, according to Transport Minister Westley Nukundj.
In a paid advertisement,  Nukundj said: “As part of the government’s  modernisation of public transport to support Port Moresby as the main transport hub between Asia and the Pacific, I would like to now inform the people of  PNG that the Road Traffic Authority (RTA) will now be advertising for management companies to submit proposals to run and  manage the public transport system in Port Moresby.
“The lessons learnt can be extended to other provinces in consultation with  provincial governments  and other city authorities,” he said.
“The current individually  owned and managed buses and taxis can either merge into separate companies but  demonstrate their  capabilities when responding to the RTA advertisement or be made redundant and their licences cancelled.
“The new  allocation of buses and related route ceilings as well as taxi ceilings will be based on the outcomes of the Port Moresby urban transport study that is currently being undertaken in partnership with UN  Women, for which I am very grateful, including a similar twinning arrangement between the RTA and Fiji Land Transport Authority. We respect the implications on the families but these are short-term pains for
long-term gains and we should all be positive.
“After all, Port Moresby once had a similar company managed bus service and the change to local individually owned and operated buses are being treated with complacency and the status quo will continue to be abused.
“The RTA has already had  consultations with the National  Capital District  Commission and other agencies to ensure that the new public transport system and related regulations  are enforced and I appeal to all the Port Moresby residents to appreciate this strategic approach.”