Companies warned not to temper with fire hydrants

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LAE Fire Services commander Bal Kenna is warning building and road construction companies in Lae not to temper with fire hydrants on roadsides.
Kenna said Water PNG Ltd set in place hydrants for emergencies to save human lives and properties.
Such vital properties should be reserved, protected and kept visible, Kenna said.
He was concerned after finding a fire hydrant in the Angau Memorial Hospital ground tempered with by a building construction company.
Kenna said under the fire building codes, it was illegal to interfere with such properties and equipment without the consent of the responsible authorities, especially Water PNG Ltd and PNG Fire Services.
“The companies or people illegally doing such can be dealt with accordingly for misdeed because hydrants provide a water source for fire trucks during emergencies and we must be mindful to help and respect each other’s properties and obligations,” Kenna said.
“I condemn tempering without the consent of Water PNG and Lae Fire Services.”
Water PNG Ltd Lae operations manager Marie-Rose Vaki said she was not aware of the company asking to use water from the fire hydrant. “We depend on the public to assist us protect and prevent illegal access of water from such sources meant for specific purposes,” Vaki said.
Hospital quality assurance manager Steven Nawik said hospital project manager John Tioti advised the company concerned to stop using the fire hydrant.

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