Companies without lease permits

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 17th, 2013


TWO major companies could well be occupying Works Department premises in Lae without proper lease agreements, investigations by The National revealed.

Ela Motors is occupying part of the department’s premises at portion 173 at Malaita St while Nawaeb Constructions is occupying a storage facility or lay-down yard at China Town.

When queried about the matter, Morobe Works manager Kingsford Kassen said he had not seen any lease agreements. 

Civil Works engineer Gibson Holemba also admitted being in the dark about the situation.

However, senior employees of Ela Motors, including acting chief executive officer Colin Young, referred the matter to chief executive 

officer David Purcell who was overseas.

Lae branch manager Pius Pend and property manager Igo Koiari said they were aware of the use of the yard on Malaita Street but declined to comment further. 

Calls to Nawaeb Construction’s only listed number at its headquarters in Alotau, Milne Bay, went unanswered yesterday.     

It couldn’t be ascertained for how long but Ela Motors was storing vehicles and Nawaeb Construction has heavy equipment piled up in their respective yards.