Company employs youths

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A  SMALL, newly set up recycling company in Lae believes in giving a second chance to unemployed youths to keep them away from crime.
The Kuri Recycling Company at Voco Point has provided more than 20 youths in its locale some form of employment.
The owner Frank Kuli said he decided to engage the youths to instill discipline and keep them out of trouble.
He said by providing them such opportunity, they would then feel a sense of worth and are encouraged to be better persons in their own communities.
The youths would be mostly involved in collection, crushing and loading of the materials, Mr Kuli said.
The recycling company was established early this year and specialises in collection and buying of scrap metals, cans and bottles for export.
Mr Kuli said there were many companies in Lae who were bound to have a lot of unwanted metals to get rid off and his company was willing to purchase them.
Last week, UMW Niugini Limited assisted the company with 20 tonnes of waste off-cut metals.
Mr Kuli said he was appreciative of the company’s generosity and said they were not only assisting his company but also demonstrating their support for the youths.
He added that other companies interested in selling scrap metals should contact him.