Company exploits passengers

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday 15th Febuary 2012

IT is coming to two weeks since the Rabaul Queen capsized.
But I can still feel the pain and anguish for those who lost loved ones.
Until Mangi Long Ples (Travel Air) came along, airfares were out of reach for the masses and they were forced to use sea transport as the only means of travel.
I was shocked when I found out the shipping firm doubled the price of the fare during the festive season for reasons known only to them.
It is sad and frustrating to see our people continue to be exploited by the company while the government did nothing.
When Papua New Gui­neans bought mv Milne Bay, a proper passenger ship to service our people, all sorts of allegations were made and eventually the vessel was not allowed to serve the people.
How sad.

Mangi PNG
Via email