Company gets new grader

National, Normal

The National, Wednesday 04th September 2012

WASS Matau Ltd, a landowner company in the Ramu NiCo area, was given a new grader that cost K600,000 early last month.
Managing director Danny Gabong said the price was affordable compared to the earlier price of K1 million and later at K800,000.
The high exchange rate for the kina saw that drop to K600,000.
Wass Matau Ltd bought the grader in Lae, Morobe, with a bank loan arrangement with Credit Corporation for K300,000 and the company paid K300,000.
“We now have the machinery and expertise to deliver any road construction and upgrading,” Gabong said during the launching ceremony in Madang last Saturday, Aug 26.
He said the landowner company previously subcontracted civil engineering works to other companies because of the lack of machinery but now it was capable to handle work itself given that Wass Matau now had two dump trucks, an excavator and the new grader.