Company gives K40,000 to charity organisation

The National, Friday July 8th, 2016

A COMPANY has given K40,000 to WeCare PNG to support the education of people living with disabilities.
PricewaterhouseCoopers human capital director Laura Koskinen said it was to support a worthy cause.
“This is very much about addressing early childhood learning and supporting people with disabilities in the settlements and communities. We feel that we can make a difference by supporting WeCare,” Koskinen said.
She said the company had been supporting other charity groupsort.
“The PwC corporate challenge brings people together by engaging and energising organisations, their employees, families and the wider community with the shared purpose of supporting the communities in a tangible way,” she said.
Funds raised during the PwC corporate challenge were applied to worthy causes that benefited communities in health and education, plus women and children.
A total of K230,000 was raised during the challenge last year and donated to WeCare, Sir Buri Kidu Heart Institute, Child Fund, Port Moresby General Hospital, Ginigoada, Lae City Mission, Centre of Mercy Mobile Clinic and Rotary Club Huon Gulf, Lae.
WeCare programme manager Josephine Dromenge thanked the corporate sector, including PwC, which supported charity work in the communities.
“This donation from PwC will support the early childhood learning project,” Dromenge said.
She said in the early childhood learning project, they were trying to enable and encourage children to go to school at an early age so they will develop the desire to be educated at the early age.