Company joins national campaign against domestic violence

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THE Namba Wan Trophy Ltd Group of Companies has joined other firms and organisations in condemning domestic violence, urging employees to stay away from it.
Managing director Jim Gui said the company would not tolerate domestic violence by its employees and their families.
The company plans to introduce a policy to protect staff and their families.
Gui, company management and staff hosted a morning tea on Monday with invited guests including Ruth Kissam, the director development at the Tribal Foundation, Evonne Kennedy, the executive director Business Coalition for Women, and others.
Kissam and Kennedy shared statistics family sexual violence and gender-based violence in the country.
“Statistics show us that two out of three women have been affected by violence”, Kennedy said.
Kissam said “raising our daughters to clean after our sons at home creates an expectation that continues into adulthood”.
She said it led to violence in homes when such expectations were not met.
“We are one of the countries with the highest (number) of laws yet our system is weak,” she said.
She said the system must be strengthened.
“Crimes can be addressed and victims can receive the closure they need.”


  • I think every companies or organizations, goverment departments should have a help desk in their offices to deal with GBV. in every organisation there are woman working and where there is a woman, she is subject to domestic violence among other social family problems. About time every companies or goverment offices should have an office to deal with Women and their associated problem and refer them to appropriate authorites to deal with those issues at hand.

  • the only way forward is, every companies or government department need to create some spaces for the trained counsellor or social workers to to help counselling them to solve their own problems.

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