‘Company met key requirements’

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HEALTH and HIV and AIDS Minister Elias Kapavore, pictured, says Borneo Pacific Pharmaceutical was awarded the contract for the procurement and supply of the medicines because it was the only qualified company that bided with the lowest amount.
Kapavore told The National that despite the rumours about the quality of medicines and materials supplied by the company, he had come to see that the company was not only qualified but had the capacity to procure and supply.
“Like everybody else, I asked the same questions about Borneo Pacific Pharmaceutical but going through the documents and seeing how they met the key requirements and also how they were qualified and had the capacity to procure and supply, I brought the submission to the National Executive Council (NEC),” he said.
“And after it was initially rejected, I had to bring it in a second time for it to be finally approved but I can honestly tell you that many ministers were against it.
“So yes, we are listening to the concerns raised but these are all just rumours and allegations,” he said.
Kapavore said that all medicine and pharmaceutical drugs were checked at World Health Organisation (WHO) certified testing facilities.
“The contract was put on tender in February of 2018 under former Minister Sir Puka Temu, and for 18 months the department had made sure the company met the requirements before recommending it to National Executive Council for approval.”
“The packing, labelling and quality checks are all done before the supplies are imported; we even test the samples.”
Kapavore said the vetting process and monitoring process involved professionals from the department and relevant state agencies.
“Borneo Pacific Pharmaceutical satisfied and met all the requirements and complied with, no evidence of any poor performance so the contracts were awarded to them,” he said.
Kapavore also said that the contract was only for one year and was awarded because the country was in need of medicines and Borneo Pacific Pharmaceutical was the only company that had the capacity to supply the needed efficiently and at a reasonable cost.

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