Company about to shut down after vehicles held


Trans Wonderland Ltd, one of the major transport and logistics companies that provides support services for the multi-billion kina PNG LNG Project is likely to shut down.
Managing director Larry Andagali told The National yesterday that the company had incurred a loss of K4.5million over the last three weeks when seven of its prime mover trucks carrying LNG cargo were held up at Poroma, a section of the Highlands Highway between Nipa and Mendi in the Southern Highlands.
“There are three other trucks that belong to our subcontractors so a total of 10 trucks with cargo are being held up in Poroma and it’s almost three weeks now – since November 15,” Andagali said.
“We cannot understand why the government and the disciplined forces, who are supposed to protect businesses and citizens in the country, are seemingly powerless against people who are committing criminal offences.
“This is indeed a serious crime to disrupt business and hold hostages, cargo bound for the LNG project and to drain fuel from our trucks.
“We cannot understand why the government is not taking the issue seriously.
“How can we gain investors’ confidence in the country when we are unable to address such law and order problems?
“This situation is getting worse and it has already cost the LNG project and this cost will be passed onto the government in terms of revenue collections.”
Andagali said TWL could not continue to operate with the prolonged hold-up.
“Its costs us over the last three weeks almost K4.5million and if nothing is done by the government, the police and the leaders responsible this week, we are likely to shut down our operations and that will definitely affect the LNG operations.
The trucks were held by Poroma people over non-payment of a compensation claim of K3million – demanded to the people of Angore in Hela.
The compensation was in relation to a man from Poroma being killed by a car driven by a person from Angore late last year.