Company signs deal to provide bus stop shelters in Kokopo


BNBM PNG Ltd signed a memorandum of understanding with the Kokopo-Vunamami urban local level government (KVULLG) to provide public bus stop shelters in Kokopo, East New Britain, last Thursday.
The signing also strengthened the relationship between the company and the ENB government.
BNBM Kokopo branch manager Ridson Lai said the company had been in PNG for 27 years and had developed into a leading hardware firm in the country.
“The company is Chinese-owned, and has been successful but has taken responsibility to help develop Kokopo and give back to the community,” Lai said.
Lai also introduced China Jiangsu which is another Chinese state-owned company to the authorities of the KVULLG.
China Jaingsu will help build the bus stops with BNBM.
They have already built three bus stops this year and are looking to build 15 more bus stops.
Lai said BNBM would also focus on education with the company to open a trust account with KVULLG where revenue from the bus stop would be deposited.
He said the money would fund scholarships for students in the city.