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DISABLED teenager Tita Nogang may get a new wheelchair next week – thanks to a company which responded to his story published yesterday.
Tita, 18, of Bugaim village in the Yabim-Mape local level government area in Finschhafen, Morobe, who uses his right arm to move around as his limbs are paralysed, caught the attention of a group of police officers deployed in the area who wanted to buy him a wheelchair.
The officers from Port Moresby deployed to the area informed this newspaper of Tita’s plight, saying he wanted to live a normal life but was hindered by his disability.
After the story was published yesterday, Lohberger Engineering volunteered to give Tita the wheelchair he needed.
General manager Terry Fisher said the company wanted to give a new wheelchair to Tita.
“Tita’s story grabbed our attention,” he said.
“His plight and that of his mum who cannot assist him every day really touched us.
“That is why we will be donating a wheelchair to Tita.”
Fisher said people living with disabilities were not able to do certain things able-bodied people could do.
“They face hardship in doing small things that those without disabilities take for granted,” he said.
The wheelchair will be picked up in Lae by the police officers to take it to Tita at his village probably next week.
Sgt John Bain, who is in-charge of the 12-member team from Port Moresby deployed in Finschhafen, was overwhelmed by the response from the company and individuals yesterday.
“We were more than happy to buy him the wheelchair but with the assistance of The National putting out Tita’s story, the response and calls to the police Northern Command office has been overwhelming.
“I know the family will be happy with the assistance.”


  • Tears of Joy about to come down from my eyes when reading this, God bless you and will bless your company as well as the police man, God be with you in every where you travel for your work.

  • Congratulations Sgt. John Bain and your Team. This is the side of the Police Force that the country should know more of.
    There are many good police officers who are there that wants to make a difference in the community and in the lives of people.
    Only a few rogue police officers are destroying and painting a negative picture.
    Keep it up Sir, God Bless and Keep up the Good work.

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