Company workers back at work


FRABELLE PNG Ltd workers in Lae  resumed work last week after being on  strike for two weeks in relation to pay increments and weekend shifts.
Workers said both issues, among others, had not been properly addressed by the management.
An officer at the Labour and Industry Office in Lae said there was a meeting last Friday between the National Fisheries Authority, Labour and Industry, Frabelle PNG Ltd and employees regarding the issues.
The outcome of the meeting is not known but an employee with Frabelle PNG Ltd, Simon Waka, said workers had already resumed work at the fish factory.
Waka said the meeting last Friday resolved that some demands by the employees were not necessary as they were just misunderstandings on how the management calculated increments and other issues.
He said increments were done under the pay structure of the company which was entirely under the discretion of the company.

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