Competition rewards readers

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ONE of the week’s four masthead lucky draw winner, Noah Yaro, says he prefers to read newspapers than postings shared and circulated on social media.
“The news shared on social media are often fake and, sometimes, exaggerated,” Yaro said when receiving his K250 prize.
Yaro, from Southern Highlands’ Upper-Mendi and lives at 9-Mile, reads The National every day.
“ This weekly lucky draw is a great way to reward avid readers like me.
“It is a great feeling to have finally won! This was my 10th entry attempt.”
Yaro said he would continue to submit the mastheads for a chance to win again.
“I buy The National everyday so it is not a waste.
“It is an opportunity to win extra money,” he said, thanking The National for giving back to its faithful readers in a win-win situation.
Yaro said he would use the K250 for his father-in-law’s medical expenses.
The second lucky draw winner was Port Moresby’s St Peters Primary School Grade 7 student, Junior Fergurson Kawage, 16.
Kawage, from Chimbu, said he read The National daily to follow-up on Sports news, especially on Thursdays, to check on the schoolboys’ rugby draws.
“I also go for education stories that are featured in The National,” he said after collecting his K250 prize at the newspaper head office.
Kawage said: “It was the first time I submitted an entry for the lucky draw. I am really grateful to have won.
“I need the money for my school stationery, share some with my elder brother, and the rest will be used to buy food rations for family.
“I learned the procedures to compete in the masthead lucky draw from my cousin, John Ali, who was a previous winner,” he said.
The week’s third lucky winner was a mother of two from Lae, Lorna Unge.
“The win is timely. The prize money will help me buy more goods for my table market,” she said.
Unge said she bought The National every day “so that I can participate in the weekly lucky draw and hope to win one day”.
“It happened yesterday. My husband received a call informing him that I was a lucky winner.
“We have been submitting entries every week since the beginning of the weekly lucky draws.