Competition to clamp down on ‘over-aged players’


MORESBY South Rugby League will be strict on its Under-20 player identification processes from the new season, according to acting chairman Nathan Andes.
He said over-aged players were an issue in many rugby league competitions across the country.
Andes said they would clamp down on the issue after it had been overlooked for many years.
“We do not want to continue on the same path,” he said. “We plan to change now for the benefit of our U20 division.
“This means that all U20 players should produce a birth certificate, national identification card, or a school certificate to confirm their date of birth.
“We will use these as proof and evidence of their correct date of birth. Without one of these documents, a player will be ineligible for the division.”
Andes said it was not fair that some teams were continuing to field over-aged players in the division.
“Every season, the same players continue to cheat the system,” he said.
“We have a lot of players who are over the age of 20. Yet they continue to play in the U20s for multiple years. These players should be playing in A-grade teams by now, but they continue to compete against teenagers which is unfair.”
Andes said only eligible players would be selected to represent Moresby South in Papua New Guinea Rugby Football League-sanctioned tournaments.