Completion of tax review soon

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The National, Friday February 7th, 2014

 THE panel tasked to review the country’s tax laws is expected to complete its job soon.

Chairman Sir Nagora Bogan said the tax review committee would be submitting the documents to the government “for some changes to happen”.

Initiated by the government last year, the committee’s role was to modernise the tax system by streamlining and rationalising the tax and revenue administration. 

Sir Nagora said yesterday: “The tax review is scheduled to complete and submit its final report to the government in October.

Recently, the committee took out full advertisements in the newspapers inviting the public to submit proposals, giving them the opportunity to participate in shaping the tax system.

Sir Nagora said: “This will of course be supplemented by in-depth analysis and other related research and study work to assist in the design and construction of the tax system, which will be done over the course of the next couple of months”.