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A MAGISTRATE has raised concerns about the same family appearing in court to face various criminal charges.
“During the course of the other cases that have come through the court (involving the family), there was an affidavit in file that came to the court about an existing case in Australia against Jeffery Kennedy,” Magistrate Tracy Ganaii said.
Magistrate Ganaii made this known at the Waigani Committal Court yesterday after Alexis Tam, of Queensland, Australia, appeared before her facing a cybercrime-related charge.
Tam was charged with defamatory publication pursuant to section 21 (2) of the PNG Cybercrime Code Act, 2016.
Police alleged that Tam intentionally used an iPhone with a recording device to make public a defamatory material stating: “Stop having an affair with my daughter or I will deal with you,” concerning a Jeffery Kennedy.
Police alleged that between Aug 15 and 19, last year, Tam allegedly recorded a voice conversation between Adam Chin Cheah and complainant Jeffery Kennedy in Port Moresby.
Police also alleged that Tam had circulated the voice recording to his friends after recording the conversations without the knowledge of Kennedy.
Tam is out on a K500 police bail.
Cheah, 18, of mixed Malaysian and Philippines parentage, is facing a sexual penetration charge before the Waigani Committal Court.
Police alleged that Cheah sexually penetrated a girl at Grand Papua Hotel in Port Moresby on June 22 last year. Both were juveniles at the time. Cheah appeared before Magistrate Ganaii for his second mention on Monday.
His case was adjourned to Aug 6, to allow time for police to serve him the hand-up brief.
Cheah is out on a bail of K1,000.
Marilyn Espolong, from the Philippines, charged with acting illegally to have her son Cheah released from custody, is also on a K1,000 bail. Espolong returns to the Waigani Committal Court on Aug 6, as well for mention.
“In my view, this family could be witnesses in that (Kennedy) case, I don’t know, it’s something for the police to investigate but if they are witnesses, they should be free to go to court to give evidence,” Magistrate Ganaii said in court yesterday.
“I don’t know, I’m just saying this because it’s a matter that came to this court during a bail application (for Espolong). Yes, conditions are imposed on bail but these conditions can be varied, they can be allowed to, with their passports are surrendered because these are conditions for bail.” Tam’s case was adjourned to Aug 10 for mention.

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