Compo demand not realistic

Letters, Normal

I AM a Koitabuan from Baruni village in the nation’s capital.
I extend my condolences to the relatives of the four Porebada men who lost their lives.
I say the compensation demand of K700,000 and 50 pigs by the Porebada villagers from Boera villagers and LNG project developer, ExxonMobil, is unrealistic (The National, Feb 11).
This is because they were the ones who  initially went on a rampage, attacking the Boera villagers, who were simply acting in self-defence.
Compensation should not be entertained and the law should be allowed to take its course.
Boera village is a traditional Motuan village, so obviously the landowners are genuine as confirmed by the courts, so just accept that.
I strongly urge the company and Boera villagers not to pay any compensation but recommend both villages, Boera and Porebada, to bring their respective offenders to face the full brunt of the law as no one is above the law.
Only then will peace prevail.


Concerned Koitabuan
Port Moresby