Compulsory teeth brushing launched


BRUSHING teeth is now a compulsory practice for Butuka Academy students after it was launched on Friday.
The exercise was initiated by National Capital District senior secondary school inspector Paul Lapun and was welcomed by the school administration and students.
Lapun said getting students involved in such an activity would develop good habits and appreciation for personal hygiene.
“This institution is located in a place where many different kinds of activities like betel nuts chewing and social problems is a norm,” he said.
“We must start with personal hygiene.
“If they start to take responsibility now it will have an impact in our community in the long run.”
“Some of the important exercises that we want to introduce in schools will start here; this school will be the model school.
“We want to use such school as a model for other schools and roll out activities like brushing teeth and others exercises to come.”
Deputy principal Jean Ifuda said students had shown interest and a positive attitude toward the activity.

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