Computers given to primary school

Lae News, Normal

STUDENTS and teachers at Milfordhaven Primary School in Lae will now be able to learn and use computers following a donation of 10 new set of computers by the Rotary Club of Huon Gulf in Lae yesterday.
When officially handing over the computers, president of the club, Cynia Sanchez, said it was a real need for students in primary schools in Lae and PNG to learn about computers.
“This is because we are in a technological world and students that young must have some basic idea about it,” she said.
This is the first for the school and the Rotarians hope it will go a long way to help both teachers and students.
Deputy head teacher Ignasia Bunan said many teachers and students did not know how to use computers.
“So with the donation, it will really help us make the our job a lot more easier,” Mrs Bunan said.