Concern raised over noise pollution


NOISE pollution in residential areas of Port Moresby has gone from bad to worse.
There are about four areas I have noticed: drunkards putting up loud music; dogs barking/crying; horns blown by the night pick up drivers; and music by some churches.
This ugly and unhealthy noise affects working professionals, students and Christian families who have devotions at home.
This noises not only disturbs the residents but also leads to loss of business, as tenants vacate the noisy area.
Drunkards under the influence of home brew knock on doors demanding ‘contributions’ for more alcohol.
This is behaviour is very annoying and unhealthy. It needs to be urgently controlled.  As permanent resident of Port Moresby, I call on NCD Governor Powes Parkop and the National Capital District Commission to stop these activities. A tough regulatory policy should be promoted to minimise this issue.
This is vital for promoting a peaceful and healthy living environment.

Maya Hewaewa Anole

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