Concern raised on policing of border with SI


A DOCTOR in the middle of the Covid-19 operations is concerned about the inadequate policing of the border with the Solomon Islands, especially at the Kangu border post.
Executive manager of the health department public health services Dr Daoni Esorom said he was surprised that no one was manning the Kangu border post despite reports of an outbreak of influenza in the Solomon Islands.
He visited the border post and border areas last week with South Bougainville MP Timothy Masiu.
He said the pandemic was causing havoc around the world and “it is baffling” that PNG had only detected 19 cases so far.
He said the flu outbreak in the Solomon Islands must be avoided at all costs.
“It’s important that we must contain it,” Daoni said.
Daoni travelled to Bougainville and on to Buin to hand over 20 cartons of personal protective equipment to health authorities at the Buin district health centre.
A sample testing machine for Buin is awaiting shipment from Port Moresby.