Concerns over delay in submission of reports

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The National, Friday July 19th, 2013

 NORTHERN Governor Gary Juffa has slammed the practice of submitting reports to Parliament well after proposing and the expending of government projects.

Juffa said this after several reports that were due years back were presented and tabled in Parliament recently.

He said many reports outlined instances of mismanagement and misuse of funds that were supposed to be dealt with if the reports were prepared on time. 

He said reporting several years later would not help much in resolving the problems that have transpired. 

“The reports show how we have mismanaged and misuse or squandered substantial amounts of funds that could have been used to benefit our people. 

“I sit in the PAC meetings and I have seen reports are coming in five to six years later after massive misuse of public funds, and those involved have disappeared. 

“We make substantial efforts to chase the criminals on the streets but we cannot do the same when big money is misused or reports not submitted as permitted by law,” Juffa said. 

“What level do we apply here?” 

He called for an independent committee to work as court and prosecutor to deal with reporting of proposals and projects and managing of funds by those involved in implementing government programmes and policies. 

He added that it was a way to encourage transparency in implementing government services.