Concerns over late exam papers

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The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013

 A SCHOOL headmaster is concerned about the late delivery and shortage of Grade Eight national examination papers to schools in Morobe this week.

Markham Road Primary School head teacher Sam Nalong said he would bring up 

the issue at a meeting in Kokopo, East New Britain, for education officials in two weeks.

Nalong, a member of the primary education board of studies, said his school was affected by the embarrassing hiccup in Morobe. 

His school was short of 75 papers.

He said it indicated a flaw in the system. 

Nalong said head teachers were forced to breach  examination regulations by opening the boxes containing the papers to make copies for all students.

“I will raise the concern in Kokopo during the primary and secondary school boards meeting,” Nalong said.

Other Lae primary schools known to have been affected are St Paul’s, Huonville, Amba, Tent City and Haikoast. 

They said data for their school had been provided to the education department in June.

Morobe education adviser Murika Bihoro has directed his senior officers to check with the Education Department and its Measurement Services Unit.