Concerns raised for city vendors


The recent rainy weather in Port Moresby has highlighted the urgent need for more shelters to be built at markets.
Central Mothers’ Association president Theresa Aiva said most of the vendors at Boroko Market were selling their food products out in the open because there were only six shelters.
Most of the space were taken by other vendors.
Aiva said hundreds of vendors sat under the open sky using umbrellas for cover, which was not a good impression, given that this was the capital city.
She said big trees around the market provide shelter to some of the vendors during the dry season, but this could not continue.
“I wonder what the Government is doing to address this,” Aiva said.
“I want them to hear our cries and do something about it.”
Loti Wakri, a potato vendor at Boroko Market said the wet weather had slowed down business for those who sell goods on the ground.
National Capital District markets’ operations manager David Uki said they were working on a plan to solve these issues for vendors.
“There are plans underway to build a new two-storey building to cater for Boroko Market vendors,” he said.
Uki said before this happened, there would be four more markets opened around the city at Erima, Vadavada, Lareva and Tokarara.
He said this would minimise overcrowding and provide enough space for vendors.
“We are fully aware of the vendors’ concerns and will not deny the people’s rights because they are our people,” Uki said.
The new market in Erima will only serve as a wholesale market where vendors can purchase from farmers and re-sell.