Concerns raised, ‘genuine’


CONCERNS raised by the Lae Maritime Workers and the Lae Maritime union over the alleged signing of an agreement between the Government and International Container Terminal Service Inc (ICTSI)  are quite genuine.
ICTSI, as the newly-appointed international overseas terminal operator for our national ports, retains the dictatorial right to dictate port operations to maintain and regain their investment interests.
Our national workers and local land owner companies stand to lose greatly with these arrangement.
Unlike other resource provinces, port landowners strived on their own as investing partners when stevedoring was nationalised in 1994.
The Government must seriously reconsider port landowners’ investments and employment opportunities and provide partnership opportunities.
Morobe politicians must rise up beyond their political differences and work together to ensure that one of Morobe’s biggest tax and employment resource is developed appropriately to cater for its own people.
What now for us the landowners and our investment and sweat?
What now happens to us and our employment opportunities?
Here is a Latin phrase to consider: “Vox populi, vox Dei (The voice of the people, is the voice of God).”

Gilinde Kitoria
Ahi Nga’pali   

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