Concerns raised over LNG sites’ locations

National, Normal

The National- Wednesday, January 19, 2011


UPNG journalism student

LANDOWNERS from Gulf have voiced their concerns over social mapping being carried out in the province saying they are still unclear where the LNG project site will be located.

Principal landowner of Larihairu village, Bob Meae, said Gulf Governor Havila Kavo had to see to it that proper social mapping was done for the whole Ihu district because to date, they had no knowledge of any social mapping being carried in the area.

Meae said this had resulted in landowners from other areas which were not in any way affected by the LNG project claiming ownership to land.

He added that not all legitimate landowners had been consulted with during talks between advisors to the provincial government and incorporated landowner groups.

“We demand that proper social mapping be done immediately as we want all legitimate landowners and not just a few to fully benefit from the PNG LNG project.”

Meae said landowners were willing to work with the provincial government and its partner advisers to address the situation as they were all for the project, but as long as there were no hidden motives by parties involved.

He suggested that any ground breaking for the LNG project should take place at either Ihu district to minimise logistical costs or at the Larihairu village for the projects convenience.