Concerns raised on spending of public funds

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CHIEF Ombudsman Michael Dick has expressed concern over how politicians and civil servants are spending public funds.
He said this yesterday after the 2018 budget lock-up at the Parliament State Function Room.
Dick told The National that the Whistleblowers Act should be enacted so that politicians and public servants who misused funds could be reported by people without fear of repercussions.
“As we know, so much money is given out to the provinces through the MPs and administered by district and provincial administrators,” he said.
“To ensure that these funds are well used, for the intended purposes, where are the checks and balances? There has been talk about the Whistleblower Act which will get the public to ensure that the funds are properly used. I am basically asking the Government what they are doing about the Whistleblower Act?
“There has been talk about passing the bill (in Parliament) but it has never actually happened.”