‘Condom’ cops jailed


TWO police officers were jailed 18 months by the Waigani National Court yesterday for forcing a woman to chew and swallow three condoms in 2015.
Justice Panuel Mogish also ordered Joshua Yawijah and Jacklyn Tanda to be dismissed from the force.
“Police officers are supposed to uphold human rights, not abuse their powers,” he said.
Yawijah and Tanda, both probationary police officers, recorded a video of the woman’s ordeal of chewing and swallowing the condoms and posted the it on the Internet.
Mogish sentenced the duo for one count of unlawful deprivation of personal liberty, two counts of forcing a person to do indecent acts and one count of abuse of office.
“You did not formally arrest and charge the complainant for an offence, but instead you forced her to eat and swallow the condoms,” he told the duo.
“Then you took videos and posted it on social media for the world to see.
“You abused your office as well as the rights of the complainant by this disgusting act.
“It has now become a norm for police officers to assault and abuse people freely.
“Problems in the police force are beyond the control of the police commissioner or the police minister. Every police officer should be reminded to uphold human rights.”
Mogish said the aggravating factors were that Yawijah and Tanda committed the offences in a police station (Boroko Police Station) and posted the video on social media.
He said the mitigating factors were that both were first time offenders and had expressed remorse after being convicted.
“They have shown the capability of rehabilitation and most of all they both have young families to look after and provide for,” he said.
Yawijah, 25, from Pangia, Southern Highlands has two children and Tanda, 26, from Wabag, Enga, has a three-month-old baby.
“Before you commit a crime, always think about your family.”
Mogish said that since they would be dismissed from the force, a lesser sentence should be appropriate, considering the welfare of their children.
He suspended 15 months of the jail sentence and ordered them to serve three months in prison and pay K2,000 each to the complainant, in default of serving the full jail sentence.
Yawijah and Tanda were found guilty in April for committing the offences on Dec 4, 2015.
The duo will serve three months at Bomana Prison and serve another 15 months on good behaviour bond.

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  • Excellent decision handed by this Judge of the National Court. The decision has sent out enough message for other especially rouge police officers to see and learn. There is certain laws that protect humans, every citizen has the right to move, conduct whatever he/she wishes that are of good or normal conducts that must not affect someone else in the community.

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