Conduct counting at Nipa district station, Navur says

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The National, Tuesday July 30th, 2013

 SEVENTEEN candidates contesting the Nipa Basin local level government president seat in the Southern Highlands are urging the Electoral Commission to count the votes at the Nipa district station.

Sitting president David Navur said yesterday that the counting of the Nembi Plateau council president seat is conducted at the Nipa station and there was no reason why the counting for the Nipa Basin votes should be held in Mendi town.

Navur said that counting for the ward councillors were successfully conducted in Nipa and winners declared without any disturbances or trouble.

He said the 16 other president candidates challenging him held a meeting last Tuesday in Nipa and agreed to control their supporters and not to cause disturbances when their boxes were counted in Nipa.

“We didn’t see any security threats on the ground so why did the election manager and his election steering committee want to transport our boxes to Mendi for counting,” he asked.

Navur said the candidates wasted all their resources and money during the campaign period and it would add an extra burden on them if the counting is to be held in Mendi.

“We don’t have money to accommodate our scrutineers and feed them in Mendi during the counting period,” he said.

Navur said the counting must be done in the district headquarters where all the people from the 29 council wards in Nipa Basin could come and witness.

“As sitting president, I will respect the choice of the people if I do not retain my seat and concentrate on my private life after 25-years of service to the people as councillor and president,” he said.